420 friendly places and things to do in San Diego

Get the official list of 420 friendly places in San Diego and be ready to enhance your San Diego experience. The 420 friendly atmosphere in San Diego is somewhat to be expected, and you should know San Diego laws about smoking in public. It is southern California, after all, so there may be some confusion. Our take is that you may not smoke cannabis in public places and you may smoke cannabis in private places. For now. But Weedmaps has some other ideas about smoking cannabis in public in San Diego

With the legality of cannabis in California, San Diego is reaching new levels of normalcy with cannabis with 420 companies like Green Carpet Growing, West Coast Cannabis Tours, and more. Now that the cannabis gold rush in San Diego is underway, we do expect to see a San Diego bud and breakfast, 420 friendly dining experiences, 420 lounges, cannabis cafes, cannabis farmers markets, and more. Meanwhile, here’s what you can do this summer in San Diego.

We want to recommend 420 friendly experiences and places for you in San Diego.

1. Take a Cannabis Education Grow Class with Green Carpet Growing

If you’re in San Diego, you’re invited to take a fun 420 Grow Class with Green Carpet Growing to learn to grow high quality medicinal grade marijuana / cannabis at home with tents, soil and LED. You can experience hands-on activities with plants at all stages of life and practice topping, super-cropping, transplanting, feeding, watering, and even cloning. Green Carpet Growing also offers in-home training programs, private grow classes and workshops, home grow consulting, video chat appointments and growing supplies


2. Take a 420 friendly Cannabis Tour

West Coast Cannabis Tours is ready to show you around San Diego’s legal dispensaries and give you other 420 friendly experiences including a craft beer and cannabis tour, glass blowing demos, 420 yoga classes, 420 paint and puff, and a home growing presentation by Green Carpet Growing. West Coast Cannabis Tours allow consumption on their tour bus!


3. Go to a legal San Diego Cannabis Shop

Around San Diego, we call them “pot shops,” “dispos,” and “dispensaries.” They sell legal medicinal marijuana / cannabis to anyone over the age of 21. You only pay tax on recreational cannabis. There are now only 14 or 15 licensed cannabis shops in the city of San Diego, since Prop 64. was passed. Before there were 100’s of compliant legal non-profit cannabis collectives, but this chapter has since closed. If you’re in San Diego, try visiting Urban Leaf, SDRC, March & Ash, or Mankind. Each 420 shop has its own unique personality and approach.


San Diego is 420 friendly indeed!

4. Keep an eye out for Culture Magazine’s event calendar for great 420 friendly parties and events.

Culture Magazine produces cannabis events for industry professionals and the general public. Contact them directly for more information about their upcoming San Diego 420 events and parties. 


5. Take a 420 Yoga class in San Diego.

With your class, yoga mats, rolling papers, bongs, dab rigs, and pipes are provided. Towels are available for a small fee. It’s BYOC. Bring your own cannabis! Be sure to also bring your valid 21+ photo ID and enjoy 420 yoga like never before in San Diego!


6. SENSI Magazine events and parties are a blast! SENSI produces cannabis friendly events across the country. The last one in San Diego was held in 2018 at the Lafayette Hotel. 

Stay tuned for another SENSI San Diego 420 event this year! 


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