San Diego is a great place to visit if you’re looking for a 420 friendly vacation in California.

Now that cannabis is legal in California, San Diego is ready to give you a 420-friendly vacation you’ll never forget. San Diego is weed friendly, cannabis friendly and one of the most 420 friendly cities in California. Why? So many reasons! This California cannabis community is very friendly, casual, laid-back and possibly a few minutes late. Already a vacation capital of the world, San Diego is poised to bring in a new type of tourist — the lover of cannabis. Besides going to San Diego’s beaches, visiting Balboa Park, the zoo and Sea World, you can now add a fun Cannabis Tour and other cannabis activities like Grow Classes to your itinerary.

Learn to grow cannabis in San Diego California with Green Carpet Growing

Learn to grow cannabis in San Diego California with Green Carpet Growing

With a 420 Cannabis Tour, you can visit legal cannabis shops and dispensaries and even smoke or dab right on the cannabis tour bus. Cannabis Tours are a great way to explore what San Diego’s pot shops look like, and some offer unique experiences like glassblowing activities, rosen press activities, home grow workshops, and even 420 yoga classes. 

Is smoking weed allowed on cannabis tours? Yes.

UPDATE: There are no more Cannabis tours due to political interference. CALIFORNIA OUTLAWED CANNABIS TOUR BUSSES which was a direct attack on cannabis education. 

Want to learn to grow cannabis yourself? Maybe go home with a grow tip, home grow strategy and even an indoor grow kit? You’re in luck!

Green Carpet Growing in San Diego is the only San Diego company dedicated to teaching people how to grow cannabis at home through face to face and interactive instruction. You can sign up for private or group cultivation classes, or even set up a custom training program to learn to grow cannabis at home while on your 420 vacation in San Diego. The class / workshop experience includes many activities with cannabis plants in different stages of growth. Whatever your reason for growing, and whether you want to learn to grow indoors, outdoors or with hydroponics, Green Carpet Growing is ready to support you with professional teachers and grow consultants to aid your cultivation efforts and keep you on the right path. Join the home grow movement with Green Carpet Growing!

Let San Diego be your next 420 friendly vacation in California

A Cannabis Tour in San Diego

THC Tour in San Diego