Recent Balboa Park news includes efforts to rescue Balboa Park from corporate interests seeking to turn our precious San Diego park into a hotbed of stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. San Diego citizens just barely survived the 2016 Jacobs Plan, but the fight to protect and preserve Balboa Park continues. You can always find the Balboa Park Heritage Association at the forefront of the work. 

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To date, there are 600 signatures on an important Petition to preserve Balboa Park land as park land. Newsflash: this means Balboa Park should never be used for private hotels, commercial retail and other commercial non-park uses, as proposed by the current Mayor. No matter the allure of revenue-generating commercial development, hotels, retail stores and other exclusionary commercial development should be off limits.

These plans must be rejected.

Help defend and protect our Balboa Park from the Mayor’s proposed hotel, retail and other revenue-generating non-Park uses of our dedicated Park Lands.

Please Sign the Petition Here


More Balboa Park news

Many Balboa Park buildings are in need of repair and maintenance. Are they begin ignored on purpose? Many believe it is time to repair and enhance the buildings suffering. Paint is peeling, walls are cracked, and mildew and dry rot are attacking the buildings as pointed out by the Balboa Park Heritage Association (BPHA).

“Neglect of Balboa Park is ironic, considering how much emphasis city officials place on tourism. The Park attracts more than 12 million visitors annually, more than any other San Diego attraction other than all beaches combined. Far more than the Convention Center, ” shared David Lundin with the BPHA.

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