Bass Clef Bliss is a true story of an incredible young artist at the intersection of autism, hope and music…

So the truly inspirational story goes…at an early age, Terrance Patridge was diagnosed with autism, and when his speech disappeared, his sensitivity to sound was heightened. A music therapist eventually introduced Terrance to an instrument that changed his life forever. Terrance and the trombone = LOOK OUT WORLD!

When Terrance’s high school music teacher discovered he had perfect pitch, the runway for his musical career became clearer. Today, his gifts have opened doors for him to go to college and to play in the Select Winds & Premier Symphony with New Youth Orchestra in San Diego. To find out more about San Diego’s premiere youth symphony orchestra, visit

At the helm of Base Cleff Bliss is Patrick Scott. Patrick Scott is the Founder of Drama House Productions, a San Diego-based indie production company that focuses on producing full length feature films, short scripts and web series.

Savant Musician Trombone San Diego
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