What is the best rosin in San Diego this year?

First, let’s discuss live rosin. Rosin is made by pressing cannabis flower, kief, or trim between two hot surfaces with extreme pressure. There are no solvents used in the process of making rosin (unlike “shatter” which uses solvents.) Live rosin is perhaps the most potent cannabis consumable on the market. People smoke rosin from a puffco or dab rig. With extremely high THC content, it is not recommend that new cannabis consumers try rosin until building a significant tolerance.

Now that 2019 coming to an end, which rosin is the most popular in San Diego?

The top three rosin brands are 710, Papa’s Select and Field Extracts.

These rosin brands are found on most shelves at cannabis dispensaries throughout San Diego. Ask your San Diego budtender if they carry 710, Papa’s Select, and Field Extracts. If they don’t, ask why not!

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