You’ll be bored San Diego… if you don’t follow our easy-to-remember recommendations of things to do! Locals might be impressed with how much experience they have with our suggestions, but some of you probably need to get out more often. Our list of un-boring things to do will assist you on your quest. If you have out of town visitors, this is your lucky day — we cut to the chase and tell it how it is!

Get ready for the San Diego Blog Time top 10 things to do in San Diego.

There you go, not bored, San Diego!

10. If you’re feeling less than ambitious, or you just don’t have much energy, or you’re hungover, go to Old Town. It’s the Mexican chachki capital of San Diego! You don’t need to be fired up on all cylinders to walk around Old Town. Some say “it’s for tourists,” but you wouldn’t want to say that to the patrons (or actors) at Old Town Theatre. Not a good idea. You won’t be bored.

9. Seaport Village. Lots of people like to lallygag around Seaport Village. You won’t be bored there walking around, shopping and eating, and ogling the boats. There used to be a really cool kite store there, so we hope it’s still there.

8. San Diego Zoo. Everybody loves animals! BONUS is free parking at the zoo. Can you believe it? Relish in that free parking!

7. Breweries. A copious amount of breweries are sprinkled throughout America’s Finest City, so why not pick 4 or 20 and take a nice long brewery tour. Green Flash, Ballast Point anyone?

6. Blacks Beach. WARNING: Blacks Beach is a nude beach for gay men (mostly.) But if you’re curious, you’re invited. Drive up to the hang gliding dirt parking lot in La Jolla, keep driving, and watch your step down the steep path. Best not strip til you get to the bottom. Bottom’s up!

5. Hillcrest. People love to shop in Hillcrest, also known as Uptown, which is known for shopping, bars, clubs, and drag, probably.

4. Balboa Park. Look out, up and around — it’s spread out. And you may want to avoid certain nooks and crannies. But all in all, Balboa Park is a great thing to do when you’re entertaining. Bring a camera and consider the Rose Garden, Cactus Garden, or perhaps… FREE Organ Pavilion Concert on a lazy, breezy, beautiful Sunday morning, or is it afternoon…and much, much, more — so RUN, don’t walk, to Balboa Park! PS: If you’re tummy starts rumbling, drive up the street to award winning The Smok’d Hog for gourmet sandwiches, bbq and ribs!

3. Hiking in San Diego? Yes, hiking in San Diego exists. Two words: Potato Chip. But for the average joe, start with joining other thrill seekers past your bedtime and take a moonlight hike at the ever famous Cowles Mountain. A little birdy in the window told us you won’t be the only one. Not a boring thing to do!

2. Shelter Island. Impress them with a beach experience with a view of downtown San Diego at night! Let the bon fire roar, bring the dog, bring the schmoores. No boredom allowed!

1. Go Fishing. That’s right, go fishing, in the Pacific Ocean, on a boat full of friendly strangers! Head over to Point Loma, just near the Rock Church famous for hosting Ron Jeremy or Point Loma Seafoods. Ok, it’s literally next door to Point Loma Seafoods. Choose a ½ day fishing trip if it’s your first time. And DON’T blame us if you get seasick.

Make it great one, San Diego! And be safe and don’t be bored. Like they used to say before the internet (so like the early 80’s) and cell phones, “idleness is the devils playground.”

There’s no need to be bored San Diego, no need at all.