Bub’s by the Beach in Pacific Beach is the ultimate fun and friendly burger and tots joint. For over 20 years, they’ve been serving up yummy food a few blocks from the beach. Many restaurants in Pacific Beach come and go — but Bub’s stays put. Now besides the delicious food for the family all day long, Bub’s has a fun atmosphere at night. Their Trivia Nights are not-to-be-missed — you can win Bub’s gift cards and free drinks! Sports games and The Bachelor viewing nights are especially popular and Bub’s boasts a 1/2 off wings special during happy hour Sunday thru Friday. Check out the “Archie Wings” photo down below. Whether you’re a local in San Diego, or on vacation in San Diego’s Pacific Beach, Bub’s by the Beach is great for a solo or group outing. If you’re feeling playful, grab a board board game (they have tons to choose from) and bring it to your table.

Upon visiting Bub’s by the Beach, I was greeted by classic rock music in the background, which fit the eclectic rockin’ establishment nicely. Besides the copious number of local beers from the bar to enjoy, and numerous table games to play — Bub’s is most famous for burgers and tots. They grind fresh hamburger meat daily, so freshness is on-point. I went for their “Schm’animal” style burger (pictured below) which boasts a sauce mix of caramelized onions, bacon and thousand island. It was…schmawesome!

There are 6 other burgers on the menu.

As for tots — there are number of ways to sizzle your skillet-cooked tots. Pictured below are the “Tater Skin Tots” made with jalapeño jack, bacon, scallions & sour cream. Tot plates are the kind of plates that are most suitable for sharing… or you may be taking some home with you. Also pictured are the “Archie Wings” which were plump and grilled (not fried) to perfection. On a scale from 1 to 10 — these wings are a 10! The “Archie” wings combine honey mustard and buffalo sauce in a delectable union. There are about 25 other wing styles to try as well. With over 5 million wings sold at Bub’s over the years — don’t ever get it twisted — Bub’s knows wings!