Cannabis in San Diego

Learn about cannabis in San Diego by getting to know where to find cannabis, medical cannabis cards, cultivation training and support, and much more. Navigating the cannabis industry varies state by state, but more importantly, jurisdiction by jurisdiction. San Diego is a compassionate place and is no stranger to medicinal and legal cannabis thanks to Prop 215 and Prop 64. However, there are still many laws around cannabis. Local laws about cannabis are changing rapidly in local jurisdictions, and it can be hard to keep track of it all.

The first thing you should know about cannabis in San Diego is that we do have compassionate medicinal cannabis laws that have normalized cannabis for many, many years. In San Diego, with a valid MMJ card, you may purchase medical cannabis (tax free) and you may grow as much cannabis as you need for your condition(s). On the recreational cannabis side, Prop 64. gives people in California the right to grow 6 plants “per parcel of land” if you are over the age of 21. This law is often misunderstood, because it does not say “per person,” rather “per parcel of land.” You also are prohibited in San Diego from having any cannabis plants growing in urban gardens or community gardens. But if you’re interested in gardening in the city, San Diego is a great city to grow your own at home inside, using grow tents or having your own grow room. If you want to grow outside, currently, you may do so in Chula Vista and unincorporated San Diego.

To help you connect with cannabis industry professionals  in San Diego regarding getting your MMJ card, growing cannabis at home, or cannabis advocacy, we recommend the following:

To meet with a San Diego doctor and get your MMJ card, visit Dr. Irina Gindentuller at

To learn how to grow cannabis at home, contact Marc Emmelmann, Founder of Green Carpet Carpeting at

To become invovlved in cannabis advocacy in San Diego, contact San Diego NORML at

Explore Cannabis in San Diego

If you want to explore cannabis in San Diego, consider hopping on a Cannabis Tour Bus. That’s right, San Diego has cannabis tours! Get started with a cannabis tour in San Diego with the elite cannabis tour bus company, West Coast Cannabis Tours. On the tour you can smoke, vape, see a glassblower, go to a boutique dispensary with the finest product, and get a cannabis education from your knowledgeable tour guides.

If you are visiting San Diego and need a dispensary for legal cannabis, try SDRC. You must be 21+ to enter. Also, be forewarned that parking is sparse when their shared parking lot is often extremely busy, so don’t go in a rush. Security guards will ask for your ID, and then it’s into the pot shop you go. SDRC also sells cannabis clones (baby cannabis plants) from their futuristic and spinning San Diego clone wheel. If you are thinking of growing your own cannabis at home, we recommend stopping by SDRC to see which strains they have available. Recently, SDRC has had strains like Blue Skittles, Bruce Banner, Gelato, and about several other strains. The prices of their clones are not cheap, but they are a good investment. And even if you buy clones at a nice dispensary like SDRC, don’t forget to quarantine your clones at home and treat for potential pests that may be present, before introducing to your grow tents or home grow. To learn more pests and growing cannabis, contact Green Carpet Growing. You can also find high quality cannabis seeds from Humboldt Seed Co. for sale in San Diego at Urbn Leaf. Check their menu for a list of their available strains. Urbn Leaf also has a nice selection of cannabis edibles.

Cannabis Dispensary in San Diego

If you are looking for a medical cannabis dispensary that puts a premium on customer service and compassion, try Goldn Bloom near downtown San Diego, or Mankind. These dispensaries are very well known, and respected by many medical cannabis patients in the community. Take the time to ask your bud-tender about your medicine and you won’t be rushed at these places.

Cannabis Magazines and Cannabis News in San Diego

There are only a couple cannabis magazines in San Diego. Namely, Culture Magazine and Sensi Magazine. These cannabis magazines also have magazines in other cities, so they are growing their brands nationwide, not just in San Diego. You can also stay up to date with San Diego paper’s like City Beat and The Reader. The Union Tribune also reports some cannabis news.

Cannabis Networking in San Diego

Many cannabis businesses are starting in San Diego. And there are many cannabis-networking events to attend, where even would-be start-ups are welcome to get connected. Start your cannabis networking with hosted by 4 Blooms. If you are ready to start a new cannabis business, Joint Compliance is a company that helps people write cannabiz business plans and stay compliant. If you need cannabis business insurance, Sugarleaf Insurance is set up to provide insurance solutions in the cannabis industry. City Beat, Culture Magazine and Sensi Magazine all put out cannabis networking events as well. Follow their social media channels and never miss their invitation.