If you are new to using cannabis, do you know how much cannabis to consume? Is it important to monitor one’s cannabis or cannabis product intake? It sure is.

Cannabis intake must be monitored by the individual using it. Cannabis impacts people differently for a number of reasons. While there are lots of benefits to cannabis consumption, there are a few negative side effects that some people report. Negative side effects could include paranoia, anxiety, red eyes, dry mouth, extreme drowsiness, “couch lock” or even headaches.

If you are smoking cannabis flower, effects are felt immediately and can last 2 to several hours depending on the strength of genetics and potency of product consumed. Quantity of consumption can also impact how long the effects last. Vape pens are similar, but tend to be less potent than smoking flower, and not as long-lasting. Sublingual drops are applied under the tongue and offers direct absorption. Using this method, effects may take up to 15 minutes. A topical like a cream or salve is applied to the body may take up to 20 minutes for the effects to be felt. Topicals are typically the least psychoactive way to consume cannabis. Lastly, edibles and capsules are options. Both start to kick in around 1 to 2 hours and last 6 – 10 hours (or more) depending on the dose. Capsules typically contain cannabis-infused coconut oil. Edibles include candies, drinks, and can include infused butter or oil. There are many ways in which cannabis infused edibles are made — it is not cut and dry.

With you consumption as a beginner, take it slow and steady, no matter your size or age. Even if you are the type to dive head first into everything you do, too much cannabis for a first timer or newbie can be a recipe for a disaster. This would be called overdosing and no one wants to overdose. Edibles and capsules can be very potent, so always start with a little. After two hours, if you feel you could benefit from more, then go ahead. If you are new to using cannabis and bought a brownie, cut it into 4 pieces, and take it slow. If your brownie was labeled with how much THC is in it, you’ll have a much easier time deciding on your dosage. For beginners taking edibles, most begin with a 2 mg cannabis product, up to 10 mg, and go from there. 

I’m sure you are going to have a wonderful time. Enjoy your journey with cannabis. If you need deep relief from physical pain, consider edibles or capsules or a strong indica flower or vape pen. If you need “get up and go” or “creative stimulation”  a sativa leaning flower or vape pen would be the way to go. You may find some sativa leaning products work for you, and some don’t. Yes, it does get this “complicated.” But it’s not really that complicated.

Here’s why some work for you and some don’t…

Unique terpene and cannabinoid combinations are responsible for the effects you experience when consuming cannabis. There are oodles of combinations and potential possibilities, but over time you will learn which varieties you like and don’t like. Perhaps you like them all, or perhaps most. 

Head over to cannabis Publisher Leafly for a quick beginner education on cannabis terpenes.

Cannabis Consumption User Guide Recommendations

If you feel you have consumed too much cannabis, it’s OK, it will pass. Try to practice deep breathing techniques, do yoga, drink water, exercise, eat food, or listen to calming, peaceful music. You could also take a warm bath, call a friend, take a nap or go to sleep. Don’t worry, any unpleasantness will go away. If however, you have symptoms such as severe vomiting, seek medical attention immediately. Severe vomiting is a symptom of cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome. This is very, very rare. If you have it, you have to quit, says Alice Moon, local San Diego cannabis activist.

There are some cannabis varieties that may cause anxiety for some. Typically they are sativa-leaning types like Green Crack or Jack Herer. Some types like GG4, formerly known as Gorilla Glue #4 (among other GG types) and ChemDawg are considered to be exceptionally psychoactive. “OG” types of cannabis are typically on the mellow side if you are looking for something to help counter anxious moods. Eventually, you should be able to develop a “nose” for which strains are great for you. Categorically, there are a few ways to separate cannabis based on dominant fragrance. For example, most cannabis is either fruity smelling (sweet, etc.), floral smelling (lavender, etc.), earthy smelling (moss, dirt, etc.) or gassy smelling (fuel, etc.).  However, there’s also some less popular strains that have a dairy smell (cheese, etc.) and vinegar smell.

Whether you are using cannabis to relive pain, depression, anxiety or just for fun or to relax, be sure to consume safe cannabis products whether you grow it yourself or buy from the cannabis shops. If your cannabis shop isn’t providing lab-tested reports, ask them why. Lab-test reports will tell you what %’s of THC, CBD, etc. as well as whether the cannabis was exposed to illegal amounts of pesticides. They can also tell you the % levels of terpenes. When you grow your own cannabis at home, you can ensure your product is 100% safe. If you need help growing cannabis at home, contact Green Carpet Growing.