Let’s talk about CBD oil for sale.

Cannabinoid based medicine is still in the early stages of research, but you can’t ignore the momentum CBD oil has achieved in the marketplace already. Mind you, most of what is being sold and focused on in the news today is hemp derived CBD (vs. cannabis derived CBD) because of it’s legality. Hemp derived CBD will have less than 0.03 % THC (which is considered by many as “minuscule trace amounts”). And yes, CBD oil is legal in the US, even though its complicated.

Popularity of CBD oil for people and CBD for dogs has been spreading internationally, and in San Diego, it is no different. Even children are benefiting from CBD. In San Diego, you can find full spectrum hemp derived CBD oil for sale through Green Carpet Growing.

But you may be seeing different types of CBD oil for sale being advertised, so let’s talk about the different types of CBD oil out there. The first important thing to know: there’s CBD oil from hemp, and then there’s also CBD oil made from cannabis. Both can used as a sublingual (drops go under the tongue), put in capsules, or used as a topical (massage oil, balm, salve, etc.) Legal CBD from hemp is making headway, so it is more than likely you’ve been seeing and hearing about hemp CBD oil for sale, marketed as “full spectrum” or “whole plant” or “100% CBD” or “CBD isolate.” What’s with all the different kinds of CBD oil? Great question! 

This is why CBD oil is confusing for people just learning. Let’s get to that later, but first…

Why are people buying CBD oil?

People are buying CBD oil to use as a type of healthy preventative, as well for “I need relief now” moments aiding a wide variety of issues spanning arthritis, inflammation, eczema, aches and pains, insomnia, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, headaches, as well as PTSD, autism, seizures, and epilepsy. You may also find claims that CBD oil aids heart health and prevents or cures disease like cancer. But like all the above health issues, data and research is not yet 100% conclusive to warrant such claims. However in some instances, science is proactively researching CBD, for example on antipsychotic effects and CBD helping people with anorexia.

For some people, CBD isn’t necessarily saving them from dire circumstances, but rather being used simply as a mood enhancer, energy boost, and to improve general sense of well-being.

CBD oil for me replaces a couple drinks,” said a client who purchased CBD from Green Carpet Growing in San Diego. 

Nevertheless, as we wait for more CBD data and research, word of mouth from everyday people, especially seniors and veterans, seems to drive the CBD oil industry demand. As legalization and research ensues, we all expect to see groundbreaking CBD research. 

CBD oil from hemp

CBD oil from hemp is the main source of CBD oil for sale that you see happening across the world. Hemp based CBD oil is currently a hot commodity. Because of it, hemp farms in Colorado are producing plenty of hemp to make this possible, and with recent hemp legalization in the US, expect a hemp revolution to evolve. San Diego is a farming city, so expect to see hemp farms in San Diego soon.

With hemp CBD oil, there’s two kinds: 100% CBD Isolate and Whole Plant Spectrum CBD

When CBD oil comes from hemp, it includes trace amounts of THC and other cannabinoids in it, unless it has gone through an isolate extraction process to become “100% CBD oil” and therefore a “CBD isolate.” 100% CBD isolates essentially contain 99.9% CBD and 0.1% water. It contains 0% THC and no other cannabinoids. To make it, you employ an isolate extraction processes using butane, CO2 or alcohol, which happens to eliminate all other cannabinoids like THC, CBC, CBG, CBN, and CBDV. With “whole plant spectrum CBD oil,” it will contain trace amounts (less than 0.03%) of cannabinoids like THC, CBC, CBG, CBN, and CBDV.  Reportedly, your body’s endocannabinoid system metabolizies CBD better in conjunction with these other cannabinoids. Many call it the “entourage effect” because of work and research by Dr. Raphael Mechoulam and Dr. Ethan Russo. While many people equate “THC” with a psychoactive “high” experience, everyday people are not reporting such effects.

“Without cannabinoids like THC at work, CBD just doesn’t work as effectively, so if you’re looking for true cannabinoind based medicine, full plant whole plant spectrum CBD oil is the best route, and that’s why we make our products the way we do,” Jack Studebaker of Saving Grace CBD Oil teaches.

“Get healed, not high” is Saving Grace CBD’s mantra.

PS: Listen to a podcast interview with Green Carpet Growing and Jack Studebaker below. 

Buy CBD Oil

Saving Grace CBD offers CBD Oil for sale in San Diego through Green Carpet Growing. Saving Grace CBD is a full plant spectrum CBD oil available in many different strengths. It is available in oil form, salve form, massage oil form, and free shipping is included when you order online. The Saving Grace CBD formula has only two ingredients: CO2 extracted full spectrum hemp extract and MCT coconut oil.

Listen to Jack Studebaker of Saving Grace CBD as he shares the truth about CBD oil…

CBD Oil FAQ’s:


What strength CBD oil should I start with?

Many people who have never introduced cannabis or cannabinoids to their body in any way start with 11 mg. per ml. CBD oil. If you already have introduced cannabinoinds (THC, CBD, etc) into your body, starting with 33 mg. per ml. CBD oil or 55 mg. per ml. CBD oil is reasonable. For the strongest CBD oil, use the 88 mg. per ml. CBD oil.

NOTE: 1 ml. = 1 drop


How do I take CBD oil?

For best results, ingest orally. Load the desired amount into the dropper, place the dropper under your tongue and dispense. Hold under your tongue for up to 15-30 seconds and then swallow. If you prefer, chase with water or juice.

NOTE: CBD Salve should be applied topically, directly to the effected area and is not recommended for injuries with open sores or broken skin


How much does CBD oil cost?

Prices for CBD oil vary considerably. You be the judge. To figure out your cost for CBD oil, you want to determine the cost per total CBD mg. content. To do this, use your total mg. of CBD figure. In the case of an 88 mg. per bottle of CBD oil in a 30 ml. bottle, multiply mg. x ml.

So 88 mg. x 30 ml. =  2640 total mg. of CBD

Then divide the price ($219) by total mg. (2640) to get your total cost per mg. of CBD, only .083 cents per mg. 

If you haven’t run the numbers on your CBD oil, why not start today. Saving Grace CBD oil at Green Carpet Growing is competitively priced, so compare your numbers and find out if you’ve been overpaying for CBD oil.