Maureen Mason is a one-of-a-kind massage therapist in San Diego. She has been volunteering her chair massage services at the Ronald McDonald House in San Diego for over 3 years as the sole massage therapist volunteer. She massages parents who are taking a break from Rady’s Children’s Hospital across the street. Parents sign up a week in advance for 15-minute chair massages in one of the serene quiet rooms at the Ronald McDonald House.

The parents sigh, cry, moan and groan as they collapse into the massage chair.

A 15-minute chair massage may not seem like a long time, but to exhausted parents battling complicated and sometimes life and death health challenges with their children, a 15-minute chair massage is the perfect act of service to help reduce and calm stress, relieve muscle tension, and revitalize emotional as well as physical energy.

“Parents come in stressed like they have never been stressed before, and it is my honor to serve them. Providing complimentary chair massage to them is my gift of service to the world and I feel it is my calling to give in this way,” Maureen passionately shared.

Maureen’s background includes operating Bay Breeze Massage at her home studio and her specialty is Hot Stone Massage as well as Deep Tissue Sculpting, Swedish Massage and Sensory Re-patterning massage. She also provides Chair Massage services to companies and organizations of all sizes.

Chair massage provides hard-working employees with an opportunity to relieve tension in the usual culprits of pain: neck, back, and shoulder muscles. At the end, workers have reduced irritability and pain and increased energy and productivity.

For Business and Corporate Chair Massage San Diego, contact Maureen Mason of Bay Breeze Massage

“Have chair — will travel.” Maureen can turn any area into a spa-like setting and massage three employees per hour with a three hour minimum (nine employees) and up to 12 to 18 employees. Pricing is $15 for 15 minutes.

To schedule a massage or speak with Maureen about providing chair massage at your company or organization, call 619-246-4159.

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