Set Sail for a Disney Cruise in San Diego 2015!

Dave Fowlie is a cruise and vacation planner living in sunny San Diego, California and is pleased to be able to help you plan and book your 2015 Disney Cruise in San Diego! I met Dave at my local San Diego networking group. Dave is an astute communicator with seasoned experience planning vacations and cruises around the world.

Inspired by his passion for planning and the Disney Cruise concept, I am now writing all about it! If you are like me, I prefer planning my vacations with someone that can help pave the way, avoid obstacles, and get the best customer service possible.

Disney Cruise San Diego

Perhaps you’ve never heard of Disney cruises all together — if you haven’t, just think of a Disney Park on a cruise…kind of.




















Here are the San Diego Disney Cruise 2015 details!

Sale Dates & Itineraries (Itineraries and sail dates are subject to change.)

2-Night Disney Wonder: 5/15/2015, 10/9/2015, 10/16/2015

What to expect:

  • Friday, San Diego, CA
  • Saturday, At Sea
  • Sunday San Diego, CA

3-Night Disney Wonder: 5/17/2015, 10/1/2015 (10/1 — Thursday departure, Friday at sea, Saturday/Ensenada)

  • Sunday, San Diego, CA
  • Monday, Ensenada, Mexico
  • Tuesday, At Sea
  • Wednesday, San Diego, CA

5-Night Disney Wonder

  • Sunday, San Diego, CA
  • Monday, Ensenada, Mexico Tuesday, At Sea
  • Wednesday, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
  • Thursday, At Sea
  • Friday, San Diego, CA

Planning a Disney Cruise in San Diego doesn’t have to be challenging when you have a cruise planner.
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Disney Cruise San Diego 2015