The Duck Dive in Pacific Beach (4650 Mission Blvd) may not be the ideal place to take your Mom on Mother’s Day, unless she’s truly young at heart, prefers a youthful crowd, and appreciates the deliciousness of duck fat.

As I scanned over The Duck Dive’s newly updated menu, I noticed a theme — duck fat. No worries — not everything on the menu has to do with duck fat, but two of my favorite nibbles did!

Let’s talk Duck Fat.

  1. Duck Fat Fries
  2. Chicken Wings, double fried in duck fat.

It’s official — duck fat is delicious. Maybe I’ve had it before, but I don’t recall. Regardless, I’ll never forget The Duck Dive, and whenever I have a hankering for phenomenal hot wings in San Diego, I’m going to Duck Dive. It’s rare to find hot wings that I rave about — and after many years of searching, I’ve found my new favorite hot wings. And it doesn’t hurt that I can chow down and then take a walk on the beach.

Now, Duck Dive is also known for burgers, beer, being a block from the beach, and an epic Surf-n-Turf plate.

My first plate at Duck Dive was their Surf-n-Turf which comes with delectable cilantro infused rice. The grilled filet mignon was as tender and soft as I could have wished for, and it bursts with flavor, so much flavor, that you just want to keep chewing… and chewing… and chewing.

I was too full for burgers and beer, but I’ll be back.

You can visit The Duck Dive, 7 days a week. You’ll surely enjoy the aromatic Pacific Beach breezes because the entire restaurant is surrounded by open walls!

Is Duck Dive 21+?
Yes. You must be 21.