With all the elementary schools in San Diego, The Child’s Primary School (TCPS) stands out as one of the best elementary schools in San Diego.

If you’re searching for a nearby elementary school in San Diego with an authentic sense of community, The Child’s Primary School (TCPS) is located in the Clairemont neighborhood of San Diego and has what you’re looking for.

What is The Child’s Primary School elementary school all about? TCPS’s mission is to create a balance of academic excellence and interpersonal skills, while empowering lower-school students to become learners, leaders, thinkers, and creative problem solvers. Since 1983, The Child’s Primary School has been a leading elementary school serving San Diego students and families with small classes, challenging academics, and a diverse learning community. One thing that their elementary school students never forget is a special tradition called “The Big Event.” The Big Event is a year long school project and endeavor that integrates students of all ages with staff. They collaborate and pull from all areas of study including art, math, science, language arts, and social-emotional curriculum into an unforgettable production!

Why choose The Child’s Primary School as your San Diego elementary school?

  • TCPS elementary school classes are small and small classes ensure teachers can better meet the needs of each individual learner.
  • TCPS promotes learning through hands-on activities that can’t be accomplished in classrooms with 20+ children.
  • TCPS models and teaches an emphasis on social – emotional learning and will take the time to problem solve with students.
  • The reputation of the TCPS staff is highly regarded in San Diego, and currently under the leadership of their Co-Founder Sherry Risch and Assistant Head of School, Donny Kim.
  • TCPS students get to participate in giving back to the community through school-wide community service projects.
  • A fun year long project called The Big Event!

You may schedule a school tour anytime of the year. Most school tours take place in October, November and December, and each year, applicants receive confirmation of acceptance in March.