Renee Maloney, local San Diego entrepreneur and owner of Spa Kingston day spa in San Diego, happened to be on the receiving end of a life-changing romantic surprise this October 25th, 2015 at Windansea Beach in La Jolla.

San Diego’s Epic Surf’s Up Proposal

“It was supposed to be a regular day at the beach with some friends taking photos of my boyfriend Eran surfing. Next thing I know, we noticed him holding a sign out in the water. Perplexed because I couldn’t read it, we took a picture and zoomed in. The sign said, “Will you marry me?” I ran out to the water and  he got down on 1 knee and proposed. And yes, I said yes!”  -Renee Maloney

The first picture!

epic surf's up proposal in san diego


surf proposal san diego

Running to embrace!

Will you marry me

Proposal kiss!

will you marry me

Then to his knee he went…

surf proposal san diego


romantic surf proposal in san diego


Will you marry me 5

Epic Romantic Wedding Surf Proposal in San Diego

Four words: Epic San Diego Proposal!

Congrats Renee and Eran of San Diego!