When we first learned about Finess, a new product in the incontinence market that helps with women’s bladder leakage, we didn’t realize what a ground-breaking invention it was. You see, Finess actually stops bladder leaks; Bladder control pads do not. Having conducted significant research and studies, Finess gives women who experience bladder leaks hope for a better alternative to bladder control control pads.

While current solutions simply absorb urine, Finess is in the business of stopping bladder leak incontinence before it happens. Their proprietary, small, comfortable, softpatch prevents and stops bladder leaks associated with SUI (stress urinary incontinence). Stress incontinence occurs when you leak a little bit of urine during a “stress event”– a sneeze, cough, lifting a heavy object or other physical activity. In that moment, a weak urethra can’t stay closed and a leak occurs. The most common causes of SUI in women are menopause and childbirth. Women looking for a replacement to bulky and embarrassing bladder control pads like Poise, Tena, and Depends, will find solace knowing Finess has created a discreet and comfortable option for protection.

What is the difference between Finess and bladder control pads?

The difference is simple — Finess stops bladder leaks! Finess is the only non-internal product available over the counter that is designed to prevent bladder leaks rather than absorb them. Bladder control pads just capture leaking urine, yet Finess goes above and beyond by blocking the leak before it happens, leaving women feeling fresh and confident.

One Finess user recently shared their experience, “Finess is easily placed over the urethra opening, feeling cool to the skin and soft to the surrounding area. They are virtually not felt when moving around and do not show. They are also easily removed.”

If you’re tired of using bladder control pads, try Finess!