Dealing with fleas can be very challenging when you have dogs in San Diego.

We have a real problem in San Diego with fleas and dogs. To help you assess your options, San Diego Blog Time and Green Carpet Growing asked locals in the neighborhood about what has worked for them to combat fleas while living in San Diego. Our informal but informative research shows there’s a number of ways to approach the flea and dog challenge. You have options.

Dealing with fleas is frustrating and expensive, not to mention painful for your pup. So take heed from your local neighbors and don’t let your flea problem get in the way of good health for you or your furry children.

Disclaimer: The expressions below do not represent medical advice and is meant for informational purposes only. 

We wanted to find out what products are available to help eliminate fleas on dogs.

Some of the product solutions presented to us included: Seresto collars, Bravecto, Comfortis (prescription; $130 for a 6-month supply), Trifexis (prescription & prevents fleas, ticks and heartworm), Nexgard and  Advantix

Wait a minute — what’s this heard? —  “I had also been told by a vet that fleas in this area are immune to Frontline.” That’s right. That is what we heard. Is it true? Have you heard this before from your vet? No one actually recommend this product to us and we talked to over a dozen dog owners. The other strong opinion shared with us was, “I would advise you not to use Comfortis. Go online and read the pet owner’s reviews of that product. There are a lot of people who regret using Comfortis.”

What about holistic methods to treat fleas on dogs?

The following unique recommendations were also made to us. Because these are “do-it-yourself” please do your due diligence in studying these practices from credible sources before practicing on your loved one(s).

1. Mix Apple cider vinegar, peppermint essential oil and dilute with water…then pour into a spray bottle and mist on dog before they go outside.

2. Cedarwood oil and lemongrass oil – one drop each diluted with water and sprayed all over coat.


Whatever you choose, stay on it and don’t give up until your dog is flea-fee!