Journey To Space San DiegoWow, this is remarkable that the California premiere of Journey To Space, narrated by Patrick Stewart, is taking place in San Diego! If you have never been to San Diego’s Dome Theatre at the Ruben H. Fleet Science Center — NOW IS THE TIME! The Dome Theatre screen is a whopping 76 feet and provides a surreal viewing experience. (If you have a stiff neck, be sure to sit in the upper level seats, if you ask me!) Show dates for Journey To Space run now until April 22, 2015 (run dates are subject to change.)

Decades ago, countries on our planet vied for the race to the moon independently, however today, countries and private entities are working together to make deep space exploration a more collaborative and successful endeavor. If you can’t visualize what deep space exploration looks like, this film will change that.

Journey To Space Film

The Journey To Space film tells a story about how NASA has been transitioning from “the end of the Space Shuttle Era to a much more ambitious future that will forever change how we live and operate in space as a species.”


After you learn about the past and the present of space exploration history, it’s the future that is the most exciting! Get ready to have these questions answered:

-Will humans live on Mars?

-How will humans live on Mars?

-How long does it take to get to Mars?

-What are the risks of space travel?

PS: The Journey To Space film was created for I-max and I-max Dome Theaters. This means that the camera used was not your regular lightweight Hollywood camera. Instead, they used a camera weighing over 300 lbs., and that can only capture 3 minutes of film.

What are you waiting for? Go reserve tickets today for the whole family or make it a date-night!

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