Have you been thinking of growing marijuana at home, or have you struggled with growing cannabis successfully before? Great news — Green Carpet Growing can empower you to grow quality cannabis indoors in San Diego. If you are new to San Diego and want to get your new grow-room started efficiently, Green Carpet Growing can help you and put you on the right track and save you precious time and money. Speaking of money, the amount of money you can save growing at home is extremely motivating — even to those who only partake in cannabis occasionally. Look at how many pounds you can grow at home, juxtaposed with what it would cost at a dispensary.

Learn to grow marijuana with our chart

Get everything you need to grow cannabis at home successfully + 15 on-site visits to ensure you learn this life-long skill


Pioneered by Co-Owner, Grace Olivia Hicks, expert cannabis gardener, Green Carpet Growing is poised to serve you with training and kits to ensure successful cannabis cultivation. Grace is likable, knowledgeable and takes great pride teaching others how to grow premium cannabis at home. If anyone can put you on the fast track to turkey bags and mason jars full of fresh, invigorating cannabis flower, it’s Grace with Green Carpet Growing. With over 8 years experience in many facets of the cannabis industry in Colorado, Grace is well-poised to roll out the green carpet, so you can grow at home in San Diego!

Grace shared, “We offer an Introductory Home Grow System, a Grow Master System, and a wide range of cannabis consulting including  emergency troubleshooting. Or if you are new to San Diego and just need an all-inclusive grow-kit with all the equipment and essentials — we can serve you.


Benefits of Growing Cannabis At Home

A few of the benefits of growing at home include: saving money, ensuring plentiful cannabis supply, ensuring there are no contaminants, gardening therapeutics and the DIY pride of creation. Also, you learn a skill that will enable to you to grow quality cannabis for the rest of your life! By hiring Green Carpet Growing, you are making a life long investment into yourself, one that you will never resent. Remember that adage about “teaching a man to fish” — this is one of those situations!

If you would like to learn to grow cannabis indoors and be trained by a personable expert with 15+  on-site visits to ensure your learning is hands-on and your harvest is plentiful, then contact Green Carpet Growing today!