Online Art Gallery debuts Nathaniel Dunn, San Diego painter

The M el’ Min Gallery is an online art gallery that features original modern paintings. M el’ Min, owner and curator, started the online art gallery out of his desire to scout artists and bring fresh talent to the modern marketplace. With M el’ Min’s gallery, you’ll find exclusive, invigorating and museum-quality contemporary paintings.

Currently featured are the debut works of Nathaniel Dunn, an artist living in San Diego, born and raised in Upstate New York. “See what you want. Feel what you want,” touts Dunn. “It’s your experience.” His paintings are exclusively available at the M el’ Min Gallery. 

M el’ Min came upon Nathaniel Dunn at a local San Diego art supply store and the rest is history. M el’ Min shared, “I was prospecting dozens of artists online for over 4 months, but I did find the caliber of artist and artistry that I was seeking. Then I met Nathan and saw his work. It was mesmerizing and consistent. As I got to know him, I realized he was also committed to my values; He is an extremely hard worker, paints out of pure passion, and we were both radically opposed to commercialism, prints and reproductions. I knew I had found the perfect inaugural artist to debut at the M el’ Min Gallery.” 

“Less is More” at the M el Min Gallery.

At this online art gallery, you won’t find 100’s of artists and 1000’s of paintings or prints and reproductions to scroll through. You’ll find 10 – 50 original museum-quality paintings. “It is for sophisticated consumers and those who value originality and excellence. The M el’ Min Gallery is a different online art gallery compared to the many art galleries online today,” M el Min shared.

All paintings come with a certificate of authenticity, and M el’ Min sets appointments with buyers to walk them through their purchasing experience by phone. There are no online shopping carts and there is no eCommerce at this online art gallery. You get a personal art buying experience.

“Numbered not Named”

One thing you will notice is that Nathaniel Dunn’s pieces are numbered, not named. When asked about the numbers, Dunn enigmatically reiterated, “See what you want. Feel what you want. It’s your experience.”

M el’ Min shared, “It’s just a way to help ensure you have your own experience with the art. We don’t want to put words in your head. Words tend to impress upon people certain perspectives, ideas, and such … we want you to choose.” 

From best-in-class art to best-in-class customer service, M el’ Min claims to roll out the red carpet for you at