Does your business or brand need a fresh set of eyes and minds to efficiently, and swiftly reinvigorate your marketing? Meet Falco Strategics, a marketing agency in San Diego who wants to help you soar on effective currents and soar to new heights. Specifically, with websites, branding, social media, video and SEO.

Marc, Raul and Brett are extremely talented and passionate about their craft. Their work is impressive, including their newly designed www.Falco.Agency. We just caught up with Falco Strategics founder Marc Emmelmann for a quick chat, and here’s what he had to share about marketing.


SDBT: Where is the .com in your marketing agency domain name?

“Instead of using a .com, we used .agency, a new domain name extension that caught my eye,” Marc shared. “While the potential SEO benefit of this is more of an experiment right now, the main reason for the .agency is the branding effect online. We want our prospects to associate the word Falco with Agency.


SDBT: What makes your marketing agency unique?

“Our senior team works together like a well oiled machine. We are gentlemen, highly creative, exacting, extremely efficient, as well as down to earth and competitive to the max.”

“Because we can coordinate your web presence from A – Z with strategic photography, video, SEO, branding and more — our clients get put on the fast track. Lastly, we build vibrant relationships with our clients and dare I say, fly circles around the competition.”

“Our prices, because we don’t spend money on expensive office overhead.”


SDBT: Tell us about your marketing strategy meetings.

“Our strategy meetings are collaborative, passionate, efficient, documented and extremely productive. Our clients get to know us. We get to know them. We like to create vibrant relationships!”


SDBT: Tell us about your branding services.

“Branding starts with logo concepts and logo design. Most clients have a business or brand name in mind prior to asking for a logo design, but some start-ups do request naming assistance in their branding process. Falco Strategics branding services include logo design, business card design, and can meet all of your high-end graphic design needs for flyers, posters, car wraps, book covers, manuals, guides, and of course, packaging.