This weekend, HomeGrown will be presented for it’s final weekend at the White Box Theater at Liberty Station in Point Loma. It features the music of the KGB HomeGrown Album. Choreographer Javier Valesco shares, “This year San Diego Ballet is experimenting with an intimate series of performances at the White Box in Liberty Station. In creating programming for the space, I thought that this would be the ideal venue to premiere this love letter to “America’s Finest City” and thereabouts.”

HomeGrown is a phenomenal and unforgettable experience. The choreography and San Diego-centric songs were intoxicating, evidenced by a sea of smiles and wide open eyes across the entire audience.

My Blue Heaven

The first show of the night, My Blue Heaven, is choreographed by Matt Carney. Live music fuels the entire 25 minutes along with live vocals by Erroyn Healy and accompaniment by Cris O’Byron. Matt Carney shared, “I can’t help but feel nostalgic when I hear these songs that I grew up with on my grandma’s player piano. I love the memories of dancing and singing to the music with both of my grandmothers, Maxine and Mille. I still find strength from these post-depression era ladies that taught me to be resourceful no matter the circumstances.

You’ll laugh, you’ll swoon and you’ll feel nostalgic.

Hurry, this experience won’t last long. Purchase tickets now.