Mr. Moto Pizza in Point Loma San Diego has delicious east coast style pizza. One of their locations is located at Rosecrans and Shelter Island Drive, and this pizza-house serves up gourmet pizza pies, pizza of the month, pastas and more. Mr. Moto took the title “Best Gourmet Pizza in San Diego,” so he’s a pizza guru with a knack for recipes that win. I confirmed it. I asked for 8 slices of pizza at my first visit and my experience was extraordinary. Like I told Mr. Moto, “I’ve been to many gourmet pizzerias in San Diego, but this is the best, Mr. Moto!” 

Out of the 8 pieces of pie I had, I was raving about 7. It was so, so, so good. Turns out the one slice I didn’t enjoy so much hot, I really enjoyed cold at home. So there ya go! But seriously, I’ve never been to a gourmet pizza shop that blows my tastebuds away like this. Not at least, in San Diego! For me, it was the perfect east coast style slice of Margherita. Fold it, eat it, and savor the flavor. The Vodka Cream slice and The Hulk are unforgettably delicious. This is a true east coast style pizzeria and legit gourmet pizza shop, San Diego!

My conclusion: get the best east coast style pizza at Mr. Moto in San Diego

East Coast style pizza at Mr Moto in Point Loma San Diego


Best East Coast Pizza in San Diego

Mr. Moto has abandoned the cliché red and white checkered “Italian” tablecloth concept and is not your typical “Grab-and-Go” pizza shop. As Mr. Moto shares, “Everything is made from scratch and the menu offers classic Italian fare with a modern twist.”

If you’re into easy to fold, fluffy, chewy, and delicious east coast pizza exploding with flavor — head on over to San Diego’s best east coast pizzeria in Point Loma, or at other Mr. Moto locations.