After a great year of success the owners of Personal Injury Lawyers San Diego have decided to do something to give back to the community. Their promotion is pretty simple and they even made a video about the promotion, which can be seen below. If you spot the law firm’s car and then post it on Facebook or Instagram while tagging the law firm’s page, then they will give you $50 and some memorabilia from the law firm. They are trying to get this promotion out to the people of San Diego in order to do everything they can to give back to the community. On their homepage of their website the law firm also offers a scholarship to give back to the community. They started this in order to help people who did not have a means to pay for college or law school. If you need a San Diego personal injury lawyer, feel free to give them a call for a consultation.

A recent settlement at the law firm that gave them the idea for this promotion was a client who had been abused in a care facility. It was someone who was trusted by their family to stay there but later records show was being mistreated, had bedsores, other ailments and came close to death. The law firm decided to sue the nursing home and even more problems were exposed. It turns out that the nursing home was keeping records of care for their client when the client wasn’t even there but was instead in the hospital. After about a year of litigation the case finally settled and the law firm was able to recover for their client and their family.

Personal Injury Lawyers San Diego is a law firm that handles all types of injury related cases. Including auto accident cases, slip and fall cases, dog bite cases, wrongful death cases and more. Unlike other car accident law firms in San Diego they believe that giving a hands on approach is something that is important and they give the personal information of every attorney to their clients.

Alex Ozols is the founder of Personal Injury Lawyers San Diego. He is an attorney from San Diego that is now using his notoriety from criminal defense in order to do everything he can for his injured clients. Alex has over 20 jury trials in the last 5 years and one of his claims to fame is winning two not guilty verdicts, in two different courthouses in only 8 days total.