If you are thinking about gardening to GROW YOUR OWN indoors, meet Grace Olivia Hicks of Green Carpet Growing. Grace teaches people how to garden indoors and provides best-in-class training so you can succeed with quality harvests. Known as the kindest gardening teacher in San Diego, Grace has put together a training package that consists of a 15 week GROW YOUR OWN program with weekly in-home visits so that you are trained well and doing everything you need to do to garden successfully. It also includes all the equipment and supplies you will need for your indoor cultivation project.

Grace’s boutique start-up Green Carpet Growing has already been featured on NBC 7 and the front-cover the business section in the San Diego Union Tribune (see photo below).

Of course, there are many reasons you’d like to GROW YOUR OWN in San Diego, not just gardening therapeutics.

New laws in California are inspiring many retirees and seniors to set up indoor gardening with as little as 6 plants,” Grace Olivia Hicks,  shared.

To learn more, call 619-828-3338 or contact Grace(@)GreenCarpetGrowing.com today!

Gardening From Seed to Harvest

Whether you want to start from seeds, or find “tops” already rooted, Grace is ready to empower you to learn a life-long skill that you can share with your friends and family, too. You many also coordinate training for you and a friend, your spouse, etc. One of the benefits of growing indoors is multiple, multiple harvests. When your GROW YOUR OWN, you spend less at the stores and shops as well.

Remember, when you GROW YOUR OWN — work smarter, not harder!

Call 619-828-3338 and ask for Grace!