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Many people in San Diego should know about Real Goods.

Real Goods is all about off grid living. Real Goods was at the very beginning of off grid living. They helped define and create it and have since been the original off grid living supplies business in the USA. Some of the most popular products sold by Real Goods are solar panels, natural clothing, composting toilets, non-electric appliances, solar water pumps, products for green cleaning, battery chargers, LED lights, water filters, off grid living and homesteading books, and many others.

The store sits amid the Solar Living Center, a 12 acre hidden paradisaical gem in Northern California. More than a gem, it provides a model for how renewable energy systems can be integrated into everyday life. There, you can also learn bout solar and wind power, environmentally friendly building materials, solar design in architecture, organic gardening and permaculture.

Shop through the Real Goods catalog, website, or visit The Real Goods Store in Mendocino County.

Real Goods Off Grid Living

A wide range of off grid living supplies are sold by Real Goods.

Real Goods at Solar Living Center

The most important book that Real Goods sells is the Solar Living Sourcebook. Be sure to add it to your library.



If you are just now learning about homesteading and off grid living, be sure to order a catalog from Real Goods or shop online!