There are many San Diego Business Networking Groups in San Diego — some are paid, some are free, some meet in the early morning, and some go on after hours. My advice is that you go to the ones that work for you. You may want to do some window shopping of business networking groups in San Diego first. You can do this by visiting their websites. I’ll share some later on.

Always ask yourself the following questions when prospecting San Diego networking groups:

  1. Who is going to be in attendance?
  2. When does the group meet?
  3. Why does the group meet?
  4. What usually goes on?
  5. What can I contribute to the group?
  6. Is weekly or monthly attendance required?
  7. Is it free to join? Can I afford the membership?
  8. Is the group credible?
  9. How many hours of investment each week is required?
  10. What types of processes and opportunities does the group lend?
  11. What is the best group for me?

Sometimes, you may get a certain “vibe” or “feel” from a group that makes you feel good. Stick with them. If you feel uncomfortable or awkward, trust your instincts and keep it moving! Don’t get caught up in something not right for you!

The best advice I can give for anyone attending business networking events is this:

Ask questions.

The key is not to walk around talking about yourself and what you do, but to ask others about their products and services and set the precedent for quality networking. For those that reciprocate, you’ve found a new collaborator. For those that don’t, you know who to avoid. I keep advice short and sweet whenever possible, and in this case, it’s short and sweet: Ask questions!

Here’s a list of San Diego Business Networking Groups that we’ve curated just for you:


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