San Diego, get ready for some great cannabis-friendly gift ideas for the cannabis lover(s) in your life! Shop local and support small cannabis businesses in San Diego.

10 Gift Ideas for the Cannabis-Friendly in San Diego

10. Pipes from March & Ash
These cannabis pipes are built to last and truly beautiful to behold. Is 1 enough though? Can you say stocking-stuffer? Get them at March & Ash.

9. Vape Kits from March & Ash
Everyone seems to be vaping these days. Consider gifting these fine vape kits from March & Ash this holiday season. Or stuff one in your “Yankee Swap” or “White Elephant” party to…make the stakes higher. Oh joy, you might even win it back, too!

8. “Dirt Martini” Organic Cannabis Soil from Green Carpet Growing
Give the gift of easy, simple, organic gardening. This is the stuff gardening-dreams are made of. Grow premium cannabis, flowers, fruit, or veggies with this premium organic cannabis soil, “Dirt Martini.” You can gift this to anyone who loves to garden indoors or outdoors. “Dirt Martini” cannabis soil is only available in San Diego at Green Carpet Growing! Pick-up or delivery is available, text 619-828-3338.

7. Organic Dry Powder Fertilizer from Green Carpet Growing
Add Another Round and Bloom Booze to your Dirt Martini soil order. Another Round and Bloom Booze are dry powder top dressing fertilizers that keep cannabis gardening simple and easy. One bag for the veg phase of growing. One bag for the flowering phase of growing. It’s only available in San Diego at Green Carpet Growing! Pick-up or delivery is available, text 619-828-3338.

6. Premium CBD Oil from Green Carpet Growing
If you’re looking for high quality, premium CBD Oil for people or dogs, Green Carpet Growing has what you’re looking for. After searching high and low for the best product, and the best people behind their product, Green Carpet Growing partnered with Saving Grace CBD. Saving Grace CBD oil is made from 100% Colorado hemp and is full-plant and whole-plant spectrum, which means it has minuscule trace amounts of THC or CBN or other cannabinoids. Why is this important? Listen to the podcast where Green Carpet Growing interviews Saving Grace CBD.

5. Tickets to a Grow Class with Green Carpet Growing
Give the gift that keeps on giving — cannabis cultivation education. For only $49, you can give someone a grow class experience where they’ll learn how to grow premium cannabis at home using grow tents, LED lights, and organic nutrients with personal instruction Green Carpet Growing.

4. Cannabis Clones at March & Ash
Watch their eyes light up when you show up with cannabis clones at your “White Elephant’ or “Holiday Gift Swap!” Choose from strains like: Chocolate Tonic CBD, Fire OG, Purple Punch and more! Stop by March and Ash in Mission Valley to get your Dark Heart Nursery clones today.

3. Cannabis-infused Edibles or Drinks at March and Ash
MMM, the flavor and effects of cannabis edibles these days are pretty good, pretty, pretty, pretty good! Surprise your friends or family with something like a cannabis-infused chai latte. Venture to March & Ash for this and other delectable infused goodies.

2. Complete Home Grow Kit from Green Carpet Growing
Go big and gift someone a complete home grow kit and perhaps they’ll share their homegrown harvests with you. Not a bad idea, right? Grow Kits include LED Light, Grow Tent, and Organic Fertilizer and they will even deliver & set them up with you. Get one at their grow store.

1. Video Coaching from Green Carpet Growing
Help someone learn to grow cannabis at home with a home grow consultant who offers personal instruction through video chat.