San Diego Creator reveals Emme Town with website and three songs from Emme Town’s album, Epic Kids Songs – Volume 1

Emme Town Official
Marc Emmelmann, Creator of Emme TownOn Friday the 13th, Marc Emmelmann’s Emme Town went live with his Emme Town website (www.BabySongs.Productions) and debuted the first three of thirteen songs from Epic Kids Songs ~ Volume 1. Three songs will be released over the next three weeks, with updates on Emme Town’s Facebook page. Emme Town singers include San Diego artists — Christopher Chiles, Laura Bueno, Shaun Tuazon and Teri Wilder.

Emme Town’s three debut songs include:

  1. The Friendship Song” Sung by Ballerina (Teri Wilder)
  2. Epic Row Your Boat” Sung by Thinker (Christopher Chiles)
  3. Days of the Week” Sung by Jester (Shaun Tuazon)

“Friday the 13th, take that,” Emme Town posted on Facebook. Why?

“We love putting a positive spin on irrelevant song lyrics, so we thought we’d share some of that same spirit with the launch of Emme Town. Let’s take a day filled with negativity and put some positive good energy towards it, ” Creator Marc Emmelmann shared.

After the songs and music, the coolest thing about Emme Town is the precious townspeople: Jester, Fairy Godmother, Ballerina and Thinker. The townspeople, illustrated by San Diego illustrator Terry Lee, each have a backstory (SEE BELOW) to share, and a message to emphasize with their songs. If you pay attention to their outfits, you’ll notice their special emblems! Can you guess them before reading on?

Meet Emme Town’s townspeople!

Emme TownJester (Shaun Tuazon)

Jester is all about FUN and JOY! Laughter comes easily to him and he shares his giggles generously. Jester radiates HAPPINESS and is ever so TRUTHFUL, TENDER and FAIR.

Jester’s emblem is a MUSIC NOTE.

Fairy Godmother (Laura Bueno)

Fairy Godmother is full of ENCOURAGEMENT for inner-beauty, she’s loud about LOVE, gives warm tender hugs, is ever so CARING and wonderfully LOYAL.

Fairy Godmother’s emblem is a HEART.

Thinker (Christopher Chiles)

Thinker loves LEARNING! He is a most CURIOUS young fellow and loves an ADVENTURE. When he’s not asking questions or discovering the answers, Thinker is the model of MANNERS and OPTIMISM.

Thinker’s emblem is a LIGHTBULB.

Ballerina (Teri Wilder)

Ballerina is a star, DANCING wherever she goes, up on her toes and into the air! She’ll tickle your feet to make you DANCE! She’s a teacher of MOVEMENT and GRACE for the body and soul, she is.

Ballerina’s emblem is a STAR.



Teri Wilder, Songwriter & Singer (Ballerina) One of the songs on Emme Town’s first album, Epic Kids Songs – Volume 1, is “The Twirling Song.” It is written by San Diego songwriter Teri Wilder, to the beloved melody of the “Ring Around The Rosie,” which is known for controversial lyrics. Emmelmann shares, “Whether or not the lyrics are as eerie as some suggest, the song just doesn’t make sense! I was inspired to give new life to this melody through Emme Town, and with Teri Wilder’s help, we’ve done it!

“The Twirling Song” has lyrics that are fun, relevant, and encourage movement!” -Teri Wilder

Preview Songs at Emme Town



The full Epic Kids Songs ~ Volume 1 includes 13 songs:

1. Where Is White Crow by Thinker

2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Thinker

3. The Twirling Song by Ballerina

4. The Friendship Song by Ballerina

5. Days Of The Week by Jester

6. Row Your Boat by Thinker

7. Five Little Monkeys by Jester

8. ABC’s Song by Thinker

9. Have You Ever Seen A Rainbow by Fairy Godmother

10. Head Shoulders, Knees And Toes by Jester

11. Good Night Sleep Tight by Fairy Godmother

12. The Potty Song by Fairy Godmother

13. The Potty Song by Jester


Meet the characters and listen to music from Emme Town’s Epic Kids Songs ~ Volume 1

Preview Songs at Emme Town