San Diego Tigers gay softballThis just in — San Diego LGBT softball league “AFCSL” surpasses 700 players and just keeps on growing! The AFCSL or Amercia’s Finest City Softball League was founded in 1981 and is San Diego’s oldest and largest Sunday softball league and San Diego’s largest LGBT sports organization. However, many teams have a couple, few, or more heterosexual players. Some teams have more heterosexual players than LGBT ones, and while this is rare, it happens from time time. The AFCSL is unabashed at being “open to all.” The inclusiveness factor could be attributed to the high quality management and diverse programming that the AFCSL delivers, or even the competitiveness with which the league lends.

Players come from all walks of life, and we even have our own Hall of Fame,” shared Roman Jimenez, AFCSL Commissioner.

With games at the Santee Sportsplex and Poway Sportsplex, players are given a top notch experience to play and compete, complete with batting cages, food, *beer, and places to warm up. (*This is not a beer league — but drinking after games is common.)

Comprised of three divisions (B, C, D) and a Women’s Division and Open Division, AFCSL is for beginners, the good, and the excellent. All players are given numerical player rating numbers to ensure they aren’t “too good for their division.” The league website has a free agent option as of 2015 — any one interested in joining a team may sign up on their website and list themselves as a free agent. You’ll be invited to “new player orientations” as well, to help speed up the match making process in terms of helping you find a team.

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View the video below for a sneak peek of the fields and facilities:



Open Division is primarily comprised of men, however, it is not uncommon to see a few females around. Teams play slow pitch underhand softball. Many San Diego teams travel to LGBT softball tournaments around the country, especially to Palm Springs, LA, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Long Beach. Sponsors pay $500 for the team. In the Spring Season, players pay $65 each — which is a bargain for 20 game days in their spring season.

“B” division is for athletes who have played college ball or in the minor leagues — typically there are 4-5 teams who compete against each other, and against surrounding city’s “B” teams. In “B,” you should like to travel.

Beginners, even brand new beginners’ play in the “D”division. It’s very much recreational softball. There are typically more than 12 D teams that play each season.

 “C” division is a rather competitive division. There are typically more than 12 C teams that play each season. Some “D” players eventually must join “C” if their skill-sets become distinctly too impressive. The same goes for “C” players who can get bumped to “B” as well.

For more information about AFCSL Women’s Division — please email: womensplayerops(@)


To join the Spring Season — sign up as a “free agent” by clicking on the orange “join” button at  & attend a new player orientation — see dates below:
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