The Taco Stand in downtown San Diego is super clean, friendly, and fantastically delicious. You’ll want to dive into their quality tacos, burritos, and unique creations the next time you have a hankering for Mexican in downtown San Diego. The Taco Stand is a top notch establishment, so you can expect excellent food and service, yes, both!

Speedy is an understatement when it comes to their service. Their lickety split service is unparalleled — and admirable. Let’s face it, we want good food and we want it as fast as possible. The Taco Stand delivers.

If you like fresh ingredients, The Taco Stand is fresh, fresh, fresh. The fresh salsas and sauces are still lingering in my mind, beckoning me to come back for more. I also know you won’t be disappointed with their fries which stay crispy, so very, very crispy. They are the crispiest!

My favorite dish to date, known as an “extra” at The Taco Stand is the massive Mar Y Tierra Fries with grilled shrimp, flamed grilled angus steak (100% CERTIFIED ANGUS BEEF), crispy fries, luscious guac, and sour cream cheese. Their California Burrito was on point, as were the many taco’s I tried. There were leftovers.

For desert, try a popsicle or hot churros (if you have room.) Last but not least, they offer a Jamaica that is not too sweet, which is truly refreshing.