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For over 15 years, Letz Design Landscape has assisted hundreds of homeowners with their landscapes. San Diego yard design has seen some dramatic changes in that time. The most prevalent change that is most obvious is the DIY element. When someone has the time and the knowledge to layout drawings for the new hardscape, select the appropriate plants and the put in the sweat equity of the installation, it can be an extremely rewarding experience. Not to mention saving some hard earned income.

I had the experience a few years back of doing an episode of “Yard Crashers” where the production company finds young and inexperienced homeowners at a home improvement store and then have them do some of the hands on work while filming the episode for television. What isn’t shown is that there is a well-conceived landscape plan, and hours of procuring materials, scheduling deliveries. AND, then coordinating the labor to build it all over a weekend, while a film crew does their work.

San Diego yard design is both an art and a science.

The typical homeowner does expect to do a bit of legwork in creating a plan. As I’ve often quoted others saying, “No one plans to fail, but often people do fail to plan.” Taking the time to avoid costly mistakes can be well worth the fee of a landscape design, or simply a two hour consultation. As an experienced landscape designer in San Diego, I will create a scaled drawing of your yard; create concepts to illustrate how best to use the space, whether it is for outdoor living, or a backyard edible garden. In some instances, with constructing structures, we’d have to know the city codes, setbacks, hillside review, etc. Once we agree to the overall layout of the space, then we will select all the materials to work within your budget? Can you afford a deck of Ipe or will Redwood suffice. You love the look of natural stone, but at $25.00 plus per square foot, is it realistic in your budget. Finally, selecting plant materials that will suite your lifestyle and the overall theme of the space complete the plan.

I often suggest some great resources for those in the market for San Diego yard design. Take an afternoon and visit Cuyamaca College Water Conservation garden. This garden is designed for homeowners to see a multitude of choices and also features only water wise plantings. The San Diego Botanic Garden also is a great reference. Here, you can get a better sense of where all of our plant materials originate from, such as New Zealand and Australia. This garden also has a wonder section on California Native plants. One of the best resources on native plants is Las Pilitas Nursery. Many of the building supply locations, typically a resource for building contractors are now featuring design centers. Modern Builders in San Marcos and Thompsons Building Supply in Lemon Grove have great newer displays for the public to really get a sense for what is trending in the landscape.

  • And for a few extra tips…..artificial turf does need to have to have specific underlayment materials.
  • Interlocking pavers are not always designed for driveways.
  • While the State has lifted the ban on water restrictions, utilizing low water plants is the only way to ensure our future of water conservation in the landscape.
  • Those ubiquitous Pigmy Date Palms from Home Depot grow over ten feet tall; don’t put them under your picture window. Unless you want a full screen of green vegetation blocking your window.
  • Sago Palms, so harmless when small become 5 or 6 feet wide and are poisonous. Not always a good choice by the front walk.
  • It is illegal to drain your storm water runoff onto your neighbor’s property.
  • California native plants do not require soil amendments. And use a redwood mulch for topdressing as its does not decompose too quickly.
  • San Diego city code does not allow for walls higher than 3 feet tall at the front of the property.
  • And, don’t plant a Ficus tree 3 feet from your foundation or next to your pool for that matter.

Consulting with a professional landscape designer can make all the difference in the long term success of your outdoor spaces. For more information, contact Letz Design Landscape for a free consultation!


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Letz Design San Diego Landscape Designer Example of Backyard
Letz Design San Diego Landscape Designer Example of Backyard
“Planning ahead and budgeting for the long term enjoyment and the value a well-designed landscape will only add to your home’s value over time.”
Steve Letz

Owner, Letz Design