Are you ready for the latest coffee news in San Diego? San Diego Blog Time is spilling the beans about Spill The Beans, the newest San Diego coffee shop. This July, Spill The Beans opens up on the corner of Market and 6th ave in downtown. Specializing in fresh coffee, inventive drinks, and specialty espressos, Spill The Beans is poised to be your next favorite coffeehouse. They also will be serving fresh baked bagels with delicious house-made cream cheeses like red chili garlic, agave and vanilla, and caramelized shallot and chive. Mmm mmm mmm!

More beans…

Spill The Beans is proud to feature beans from Dark Horse Coffee Roasters.

Spill The Beans will be sharing a 8,600 square foot space with The Smoking Gun and Overload, also debuting this July!