You will love these San Diego cake pops!

This Valentine’s Day, BEE’S POPS is teaming up with HOUSE CRAFTS BY JESS for special Valentine’s Day gifts! Not only are these gourmet cake pops, they are made locally in San Diego. You can pre-order and there is only a 2 day turn-around. While you may order cake pops alone, the Valentines Day special with wine glasses and beer mugs are not to be missed! 💋⭕️

This Valentine’s Day, surprise your co-workers, your family, your friends, your BFF, or of course, your lover.

Choose any wine or beer glass, with 6 CAKE POPS for just $20! Add Another 6 for just $10!

For more info or to get connected to the owner of Bee’s Pops, please visit or Bees Pops on Facebook!