Just up the road from us is an Orange County Shooting Range unlike anything you may have ever imagined. Meet Artemis Defense Institute — a modern shooting range that serves military, law enforcement and civilians using state of the art shooting simulators. Currently Artemis has 3 simulators including an octagon you can immerse yourself into for force-on-force combat training. The facility is ammunition-free and you will feel a realistic kick from the re-purposed gun you’re handling. The sound of shooting is equally realistic.

For civilians, they offer ATM robbery scenarios, home invasion scenarios, and much more. With a focus on firearms training programs, you can join as a member or simply come and go as you please. There is something for everyone, even children — Artemis Defense Institute is for all ages.

They are celebrating their second anniversary this April 2015 and if you aren’t sure what Artemis is all about just yet…

Meet Orange County Shooting Range Artemis Defense Institute — Take A Look:

Their maxim is: You have the RIGHT to bear arms…
You have the RESPONSIBILITY to train!

Some of their unique programs include Firearms Training For Women, Self Defense For College Students, Date Nights, and more. You can also book Artemis for Corporate Team-Building programs!  Visit the Artemis Calendar for more programs and special events!

More Programs:

Learn About Law Enforcement & Military Programs Learn About Private Events

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