When you work with a San Diego website designer from Falco Strategics, you get more than just web design.

 Website Designer in San Diego with Falco StrategicsYou get an SEO consultant and webmaster, too.

Falco Strategics is keen on helping small businesses like dentists, restaurants, and lawyers, but loves working with clients in a wide variety of industries, as well as artists and solo-preneurs. Our San Diego website designer question today is about SEO.

What is SEO and is it relevant for a small business in San Diego?

First of all, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Your website is just one expression of where SEO takes place and it’s safe to say it is the cornerstone of your SEO. Other aspects such as your listing on Google maps, social media profiles, blog publishing, link building, public relations and directory participation can help your SEO work as well.

The phrase “local SEO” is vital for a small business in San Diego that wants to get found by searching customers online and there are many steps to take with your website to give it a quality foundation of SEO. You’ll subsequently want to schedule ongoing SEO maintenance tasks to continue to compete in the search engines or hold your ground. A Falco Strategics website designer in San Diego sets up SEO on every website designed and will also offer ongoing SEO consulting so that your SEO campaigns can be as successful as possible.

Businesses should know that they can pay Google and do Google Ad-words campaigns or they can attempt “organic SEO” and try to “rank” in the search engine results in desirable fashion. Businesses should also know that every industry is different and has varying levels of difficulty to compete in terms of organic SEO. Take for instance acupuncture – there are 100’s of acupuncturists desire page 1 results for “San Diego Acupuncture.” It takes time, energy as well as money and patience to compete. Nevertheless, a Falco Strategics website designer can help you identify your best keyword phrases and implement the right tactics and mindset to compete. You’ll always get a realistic time frame presented to you and no false promises will be made. With a white-hat (good-guy) SEO philosophy, Falco Strategics strategically guides quality businesses to quality SEO results.

I’ve hired many SEO consultants in the past and I’m stuck. What do I do?

If you’re stuck, don’t panic. In fact, take a deep breath because if you’ve gone through different SEO consultants, you’ve possibly exposed yourself to different kinds of risks depending on their so called “work.” It’s possible that your website or domain name right now may have negative factors working against you, so it’s something to get looked at with an SEO audit. Ask your new SEO consultant for an audit and provide them access to your Google Webmaster Tools. If you’re in the clear, great! Regardless, Falco Strategics can help develop a quality strategy for even the hardest of cases. No matter what SEO condition you’re currently in, work on a 1, 2, and 3 year plan with a Falco Strategics SEO consultant and you won’t be disappointed.


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