What is K1 Speed in San Diego?

What is K1 SpeedIf you haven’t heard the buzz about K1 Speed, here’s the inside scoop and San Diego Blog Time’s K1 Speed review. First things first — K1 Speed is an indoor karting center featuring “faster than they look” electric go karts with 2 locations in San Diego (Downtown and Carlsbad). There are Adult Karts and Junior Karts, so there’s fun for the whole family. With over 30 locations, K1 Speed is spreading across the county, but it’s common knowledge that K1 started here in sunny Southern California.

When you first walk into the K1 Speed karting center, the first thing you’ll notice is how big the center is, how loud the center is, and you’ll definitely see karts racing around the course. At first glance, it might seem like the karts could be going faster, but when YOU’RE in the drivers seat, hugging the turns, you will think otherwise. With speeds up to 30 and 40 MPH, some of those turn-hugs could spin you out, or send you bumping into the wall or another kart. Don’t worry, it happens.

Each “arrive & drive” race is 10 minutes long. By the last lap or so, you are ready for a break. After your race, head over to the customer service counter to pick up your race results! You will be able to see your fastest lap, average lap time and your placement in the race. Here is where it gets more interesting…

Each racer is given points (every racer starts with 1200 points — because starting with 0 is just no fun) to start with and points to earn every time they compete. You get 2 points for every participant you beat in your race. In addition to the racers getting 2 points for everyone they beat, they ALSO get 2 points for racing in a race, 2 bonus points for having the single best lap time and 2 bonus points for having the best average lap. K1 Speeds’ across the county will track your points and one lucky winner with the most points will win a grand prize. Get on the fast track with this (and more) by downloading the K1 app.

Besides showing up alone or with friends and family to race, K1 Speed is the perfect birthday party, jack-n-jill party, corporate event, and team building experience. Depending on your group, K1 has oodles of fun ideas to make your group of 8 or more have an unforgettable experience. Contact the K1 location of your choice and speak with a manager about options.

When San Diego Blog Time took to K1 Speed in San Diego, we all had a blast! After the first race, we couldn’t wait to get another race in!

“So exhilarating and so much fun! I was energetic for hours after the race because I was so pumped up.”
~Marc, First Time K1 Racer

“I didn’t know what to expect and I was blown away by the experience. I’ll be back.”
~Crisitian, First Time K1 Racer

“This shiftable kart was challenging and my lap times with it were faster than with driving automatic.”
~Nathan, Second Time K1 Racer

“I had a lot of fun — when are we going back?”
~Claudia, Second Time K1 Racer

New shiftable karts at the Carlsbad location are the talk of the town!

k1-speed-shiftable-karts-san-diegoThe most exciting thing about K1 Speed in Carlsbad is their new karts — “the fastest karts in the country!” Currently no other K1 Speed in the country has them. They just received a shipment of ten Italian-made electric karts that can be driven in automatic or shift mode — that’s right — shift mode! The shiftable karts have paddle style shift levers with up and down shifting capabilities, as well as a a boost button to boost your speed. Aficionados report shiftable karts offer a superior handling experience.



Curated K1 Speed Tips For First Time Racers

Tip #1 – There will be lines and waiting times, especially on the weekends, unless you’ve booked ahead. K1 is like an amusement park and you are there for the thrill of the ride, so expect some lines. The wait is worth it, plus the venue has oodles of things to keep you busy, such as arcade games, billiards, comfy waiting areas and a snack bar. When it’s your turn, your name will be called over the loudspeaker.

Tip #2 – As you learn the race course, you’ll be able to navigate turns better. Most new racers inevitably try to put the pedal to medal around the turns, but soon learn that a more light acceleration around them is for the better.

Tip #3 – The goal of the race is to get your fastest time for each lap, not to box out other racers or prevent them from passing you. If for example, you are racing and someone is trying to pass you and you cleverly prevent them from doing so, expect to see a K1 staff flag you down with their blue and red flag which means “LET THEM PASS.” (However, in some of the pro-karting leagues that compete at K1, this may not necessarily be the case.)

Tip #4 – K1 has rules. The K1 Speed height requirement for Adult Karts is 4ft 10 in’ and all junior racers must be a minimum of 4ft (48″) tall to race the Junior Karts. You may not race in sandals and you must wear a helmet (they are provided.) You may also want to familiarize yourself with their flag colors. There’s yellow, green, red, white and more — take a look! 

Tip #5 – Stretch your body before racing. It seems some of your back muscles get quite the workout as you hug the track’s tight turns.

Last but not least, we all concur that customer service at K1 Speed in San Diego is very friendly. It’s a diverse group of guys and gals and everyone there is kind, courteous and looking out for your safety. It doesn’t matter if you come alone, with family, or friends, and it doesn’t matter if you’re young, old, male, female, gay or straight — K1 is a welcoming place for all.